Monday, August 4, 2014


"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" Song of Songs 6:3

That's my guy. We've been dating for over 14 years and he put a ring on it over 10 years ago. We've literally become adults together and have moved 8 times, between two countries, two states and 7 cities. And yes, I still swoon when I see him walk in the door from work each day. Call me a romantic, but he's my dream man and God knew what He was doing when He hooked us up. God's cool like that. 

Last month we had the opportunity to help a photographer build her portfolio as she recently decided to shoot these 'Beloved' style shoots. {Check her out here!} I was super excited because we have never had a professional shoot before! The idea behind this style is that you create an experience by choosing a location that suits you, and then the photographer asks very personal questions without giving any styling or positioning advice and you just answer the questions and talk to each other. She brought up memories and stories that we hadn't thought about in years and we experienced moments that I'll never forget. 

I was so surprised at how natural it all felt and especially how Phil gave each question a lot of thought and shared from his heart. Did I cry? Yes, yes I did. Being forced to just stop and look into each others eyes without any distractions (besides the click of the shutter) was so good for our marriage. It made me think, why don't we do this weekly, even daily? Not the photo shoot part, but the looking into each others eyes part. Because we have an email to read? Or a status to update? Maybe it's because we have to catch up on the last 4 episodes of our favorite show or because we have to text 4 people at once, most of whom we haven't even had a face-to-face conversation with in weeks, maybe even months.

It's not worth it y'all. We need to call out the unnecessary distractions in our life and get rid of them. Those moments with my husband were worth far more than any TV show or social media website. The little moments with my daughter are more valuable than any phone call or email. What's wrong with our culture? We would rather text something to someone than hear their voice or see their face? Yet we are so lonely. 

We have to be intentional. If you're married, maybe each week you plan a little date where the phones are turned off. I've already decided I'm not bringing any distractions to the dinner table. It's been great! We talk. I know, right?! Or better yet, make dinner together! Phil and I watch a lot of cooking shows together so I was thinking that one night we should grab some random ingredients in our pantry and make dinner, since we're basically professionals after the hours of TV time we've invested!

And when it comes to friendships, we've got to make the time for each other. Even if it's short, with kids in tow. We need girl time! Maybe it's just a meet up at the park or lunch at your place! Just do it already! I just recently joined a community group through the Thrive Moms ministry. We've only met a few times but have already built relationships through the Facebook group. I've already been able to pray for and encourage women I have yet to even meet. That's definitely the good that comes from social media, but now I want to know their faces to put with their stories! So we are all trying to be intentional in getting our kiddos covered so we can have a night out every couple of weeks. 

The joy and love that comes from a true relationship, is so worth it. We just don't know how many days we have, so why waste even one of them? What do you do to make time for relationships? What are the things that distract you from investing in the people you love? How many blogs have you read on this subject that have made you say, "That's right, blog writer! I'm so motivated to make that change!", and then never even take the first step? A lot? Yeah, me too. Let's make a change! For reals. 

Love ya. Mean it!


  1. You guys are so cute!! And the post was beautifully written. We need that reminder in our culture. I am so thankful for the times I can visit with my other mom friends or when my family comes to visit! And I so often think of how my babies are growing up quickly and I don't want to miss a minute! I also know that Eric and I need to focus on our relationship too...I love your idea of trying to do this once a week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hannah! We really get so distracted, don't we? Hoping we truly realize our need for authentic relationships and make the sacrifices necessary to nurture them!


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